her policies

Human Rights

The plight of women, minorities, children and the wretched of the earth is miserable. It is a deep stigma on our national conscience that disadvantaged groups suffered a series of punishments, laws, public humiliations and gang rapes while the state watched helplessly.

Women and Children

The PPP Parliamentarians pledges to promote universal female literacy and protection of the child to honour our women and our future generations.

Protection Weak from the Strong

The PPP Parliamentarians pledges to protect the minorities, women and children of Pakistan . It pledges to protect the weak from the strong. It pledges to undo laws that are discriminatory against minorities, women and children. It calls upon the people of Pakistan to give it a constitutional majority to build a society where the weak and underprivileged are freed from archaic state laws.

Encouragement to NGOs

The PPP Parliamentarians will encourage non governmental organisations as watchdogs for the empowerment of women and minorities.


Our great martyred leader, the Quaid e Awam, believed that education was the key to empowerment of the people. He introduced free and compulsory primary education, promoted centres of excellence, created Institutes of Science and Technology and took Pakistan to the cutting edge of nuclear physics establishing centres of nuclear medicine. He set up a chain of new Universities, Medical and Engineering colleges in the neglected areas as a harbinger to a Muslim renaissance.

Enhancement of Computer Literacy Program

Textbooks to government primary schools will be provided free of cost while a means test will make students eligible for additional government support. Libraries will be promoted and vocational centres, on the pattern of the Computer Literacy Program, enhanced

Access to the Internet

Internet access for government schools will enable the children of the underprivileged to access the worldwide information highway. The global language, English, will be an optional language for students to study preventing lingual apartheid where children of the rich speak English competing for world wide jobs and children of the working classes are denied that opportunity.